Hello there.

Welcome to nomadic.wel.by this blog has been long in the thinking although, thanks to a talented elder brother, not so long in the making. At the moment my plan is to use it for all things ‘musing’ related. This, for now, will largely included my adventures and experiences while I am volunteering with eMi (Engineering Ministries International) in Canada. Hopefully, however, it was also be a place to explore my writing and share with you some spoken word pieces – we shall have to see.

Perhaps a good place to start would be introductions – I’m afraid I’ll likely not know your name, but hello internetter, or ‘Hannah in Canada’ follower, thanks for you interest in me and my blogging. I’m Hannah Welby, a BSc. (Hons) Architecture graduate, a Christian, a twenty-something, and a part-time nomad.

The reason for the name nomadic.wel.by has been years in the decision making really – I’ve been encouraged to blog my writing by quite a few, and eventually came around to the idea myself that I would. Expect that that then opened a whole new kettle of fish – what would this blog be named. (For any person, especially an indecisive person, this is no easy question!)

I already have an ‘architecture’ come ‘studying’ blog at hr.wel.by – which feels more professional in how it links to my business cards and such – and although I’m upfront about being a Christian there I feel there should be some separation in the intentions of these blogs. So this blog I think will hopefully be more of a life blog, rather than the posts written at hr.wel.by, which are intended to open more intellectual debates.  (Or at least it’s meant to be more distinctly linked into my profession – there is of course melding between the professional and personal world. Especially as my professional intentions are grounded in heart desires and passions that spring from my personal faith (I think there’s a whole other blog post that can be pulled out of that thought!))

So back to the name (!) nomadic.

As a Christian I have chosen to believe in God, as the trinity of Father, Christ, and Holy Spirit, and that Jesus died on a cross and has risen again to life, and because of that and my relationship with God I choose to live my life in a Christ-like way. Of course no one is perfect, and life is not going to be idyllic after you make that commitment to Christ. but for me I deeply believe that God is a real person who I can have fellowship with and not some distant or one-sided religion.

nomadicwelby is a word that has been on my mind for a long time when thinking about blog names. not only does being nomadic speak to my innate love of travel and the experience of different cultures, but it is a powerful way of living.

Nomadic peoples are those who wander, or move from place to place. They are without a fixed home, taking what is theirs with them as they travel. They move often, largely because of the need for new pastures and grazing land.

They are migratory.

Within this they are generally familial, moving together, transplanting the family unit and living in a more self-sustaining way. With all things that are held dear carried with them.

Carrying their world with them is partly why the word nomadic has been so stuck in my mind. I think as Chrstians there is powerful beauty in that image. As we aim to carry our heart and passion for God as the very centre of our being. The very possession we cannot leave behind, no matter where life winds and pauses, we forever carry our home, our faith, within ourselves.

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