Vain Pane

I sat in-front of a mirror yesterday, waiting to be served,

to be told how masking my face makes it natural


create a look


feel comfortable

own the skin that’s already yours,


all the while sitting in front of that mirror

uncomfortable and exposed



waiting to feel comfortable

to be ok with the view


painfully aware I’m avoiding the reflection

– not looking myself in the eye –

avoiding appearing self-involved

while simply avoiding myself.


15 minutes

10 minutes




do we often just sit, embracing the view

without augmenting it.

Not editing or improving

just seeing.

Reflecting on the beauty

on the God appointed design

the sparks of colour and reflections of light




10 affirmations

what if we didn’t all have that thing we dislike

that one thing we shy from and cover up.

What if we celebrated ourselves,

loved our design

our persona’s and twinkles

our sparks


& beauty


What if we could look in a mirror and not feel awkward

what if all we saw were the positives

what if all that’s there is positive.

Can you imagine.

Imagine looking forward

imagine seeing the infinite beauty of the stars in the mirror of our faces

the glory of the cosmos, without that rosey tint.


The spectacular picture

the famed beauty

– we are each that.

Not one over all

but all

each holding so much beauty and individuality

No repeats or doppelgängers –

we are unique,

we belong,

are loved beyond.

No imperfections in sight

– a nip/tuck-less generation –


What sort of revolution would that bring


– if we would but stop and stare

look up once in a while.

Just affirm each other’s talents, interests and look.



I am sat in-front of a mirror



shying away,

sheepishly I choose & I over analysis.

Over consider.


Worry about others while my self worth, my self belief, is lost

– swamped in all of life’s could haves –

shrinking from the reality and audasity that’s found in how different we are

how gorgeous that is

in the insanity of individuality

the perplexity of life.


So many thought,

so many pictures that spin past,

and yet inadequate are my words

– lost are my thoughts –

as I search for more [for beauty]

it stares, brazen, from that mirror.


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