I want to write something which  releases my feelings on the current state of things. I’ve begun and deleted sections and been depressed by the reality and implications that Brexit will have. I’ve debated the democracy of it all. Been infuriated by the infringements to human rights that austurity has brought, the lies people were sold and the racists who feel legitimised.

Scratch that, as soon as I posted this I realised I don’t want to write about the upset. There is a myriad of emotions in me and I don’t know whether I want to let it all out. I do know that I refuse to be labeled a harbinger of doom. I’m a realist –  there are  real and rubbish implications that come with brexit. I’m also a bit of an idealist – if socialism worked I’d probably be all aboard. Unfortunately when it’s twisted and mutated it has led to something quite terrible – communism.

Writing you a tale of woes, or delving into the realities and arguments, past the conspiracy and fear, speaking about the unquestionable acts of terror that have received little air time, will no doubt lead down a slope of despair which I’m unsure I want to process at the moment. Instead I’ve been thinking about gratitude. It seems odd but right to switch my response.

At the moment my response is still largely entangled with emotions of frustration, indignation, despair and outcry. Frankly it will take time for me to process. So I’m writing this blog post to spearhead a more hopeful outlook.

Recently a Facebook friend did a run of posts entitled 70daysofthankfullness and I was inspired by what they wrote and the light they found in each day. I’m not sure of my self discipline to do this daily but I do intend to add to this list fairly frequently.

We’ll see how it goes!

Moments of thankfulness – to be continued –

* someone who wasn’t going to vote. Registered and voted. 01.07.16

*for encoragers (here’s looking at you Mrs. Wellers) 07.16

* thankful for a calm interview and a wonderful prospect 06.07.16

* hanging out with wonderful friends after too long apart 09.07.16

*giant baking – this time an Oreo c. 48x its normal size. 09.07.16

*church families (and bacon butties) 10.07.16

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