Thoughts in the æther.

It’s been a long time since I’ve published a post – not so long since I wrote one but certainly longer since they’ve landed in the public domain. This post is itself a sparingly edited musing.

As I come to feeling my thoughts have been dancing around in the æther of my life. Turns out there is more to the word æther than my association with the phase ‘lost of the æther’ – which is not surprising but rather interesting to me.

My quick Google puts it like this – “Ether, or æther, was the mysterious substance once thought to suffuse the universe and be the medium that propagated light (and radio waves once they were discovered). Before that, it was the material that suffused the realm of the Gods.”

I see it as ephemeral and almost intangible. Which is why it so often feels like the place where my thoughts and worrys live – the place where all things bounce and blend together but don’t necessarily ever resolve or leave!

Which can be not only be a daunting but also a gloomy outlook.

I don’t think the æther is always a bad thing – I think the crossovers of our thoughts and ideas often lead us down more interesting and successful roads. That being said we learn from the mistakes, and the times when we are overwhelmed.

As our thoughts can be lost and caught in the æther of our lives, our world and the lives of others with who we intersect and collide. It is the beauty and the mystery of life that it is not a straight line and does not adhere to a strict plan.

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