Welcome to Calgary!


Arriving into Calgary Airport

It’s completely surreal! I am now living in Canada for four months while I volunteer in an unpaid capacity with eMi Canada. Crazy – I have a house, a commute, there are staff in the office I work alongside, and other volunteers. How has this happened, it’s so exciting, and so competely bonkers.

I believe it is, and will be, largely down to God that I am here. One of the many milestones for me getting here has been the question of finance. It is still something I am trying not to worry about, while also trying to be proactive where I can. When I chose to do a gap year, which also involved a large fee, I only really sent in the application after someone said that God wouldn’t send me somewhere if He wasn’t going to support it practically. So when I applied for eMi I had the that and the testimony of provision I found during DNA (http://www.dna-uk.org) ringing in my ears – that and the much needed lovely nudging from a dear friend!

It doesn’t mean it’s not hard though. Faith is not an easy switch, or a stagnant decision, faith is a muscle. I’ve thought as faith as a muscle primarily since it was said in probably a few talks during DNA. I think it’s a good analogy – we exercise and built our faith and capacities for faith, but this is only possible through ‘acts of faith’. As we step out, take risks, step up to the plate and look at the challenge square on, we become stronger and bulstered by our testimonies of faith.

Being in Calgary is going to be a wonderful experience but I am most excited to see my faith, understanding and relationship with Jesus deepen and grow in this time. As well as looking forward to seeing an insight into practical humanitarian architecture, and an inprovement in my professional skills. It’s such a blessing to have this opportunity, and I am so excited to see more of why God has lead me here for this season of my life. Here’s to some incredible moments of excitment, to deeper relationship with God, an abundance of learning, and for the silver linings in difficulties.

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