Who is this eMi?

So I know I band around the term eMi quite a lot as shorthand, let me explain who eMi are when it isn’t a record label.

eMi stands for Engineering Ministries International and “In a world of physical and spiritual poverty, eMi designs a world of hope.”

Every days millions are affected, if not killed, by preventable issues. Diseases, access to drinking water, sanitation and education are all things we can work to improve, rectify or change, Most of us will live in Western contexts where we don’t concern ourselves with how water reaches our kitchen, or why polio is no longer a prominent concern. In so many places this is a luxury which doesn’t widely exist.

eMi is a Christian non-profit organisation who serve the poor in developing countries. This is through partnering with organisations to provide a whole range of things – it could be anything from a hospital, orphanage, clean water supply, or school. Aiming as an organisation to meet physical needs while also communicating who God is and how He loves each of us. Meaning that often eMi is working with Christians, and non-profits, who share these aims.

Staff, volunteers and interns in 8+ offices around the globe work to alleviate situations by standing in the gap to provide quality technical skill. Not only with in-house professionals, but also those who volunteer professional skills alongside their current jobs, As a result of this eMi is able to make positive strides in the provision of great facilities to those working hard in the developing world.

Engineering Ministries International focuses on using people technically skilled in their fields. From surveyors, to architects, electrical engineers, to construction mangers; designers, engineers, and architects around the globe are working hard, whether on donated hours or in their roles at eMi offices, to see projects come to completion. So that full project reports can be taken forward by those organisations applying to eMi for assistance.

“Since 1982, (eMi have) worked on over 1,000 relief and development projects in 90+ countries.”


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