It was like being given the most wonderful present coming back to Uganda. I was last here 6 years ago, and though I’ve often wanted to return it hasn’t happened until now. There have been a few moments and chances when it could have done but it wasn’t totally possible, and so it didn’t happen.

When I applied for eMi and found out the project would likely be in Uganda, honestly I was a little unsure. Although the idea of returning was exciting, there’s was part of me that wanted a ‘new’ experience somewhere else. However, when the decision came to be that I’d be in Canada and working on a project in Uganda I was sure it was the right choice,

Being back in this beautiful country is awesome, we’re even going to be in a couple of the hotels I was in last time, Ugandan’s are a wonderfully hospitable people and I’m looking forward to spending more time in this country. I’m looking forward to meeting the ministry this eMi project is for, and to be seeing a different part of the country. Last time I was here I was mainly in Kampala so going to Jinja is going to be new and interesting. Also, although it was just a few weeks that I was here last, and it was 6 years ago, it is kind of lovely being able to slip back into the familiarity of being here once more,

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